Not your Conventional Accelerator

Having spent years observing and working with startups and accelerator programs, we pride ourselves on being innovative in our approach. A few key areas that really make us stand out: 

  1. Bootcamp Model: We've taken our highest value content, mentors, and partners and packaged them up to fit companies needs. Startups need access to content when it's relevant to them, not all at once. We plan to change and evolve the offering based on the needs of alumni and companies applying. Housing is included during each bootcamp for two founders. See our list of bootcamps below.

  2. Continued Access: Once companies apply and are accepted to a TVA Bootcamp, they have access to any future bootcamps. Note: TVA can only provide housing for one bootcamp per company.

  3. Diversity & Stage: The standard accelerator model biases itself towards younger, single, and extremely early stage ventures. We're proud to have over 50% of applicants with a female founder and an average age of 37. The average company in 2019 had over $300k in established revenue the year prior.

  4. Flexible Funding: The traditional equity & convertible note structure doesn't work for some companies.

  • Equity: Those with high-growth ambitions and potential, and who will likely require additional outside capital. We offer founder-friendly warrants with no maturity dates, just a pre-defined % based on a valuation. Our standard offer for early stage companies raising their first round is $30k for 5% which converts after raising $200k in additional capital. Companies must be established as C-Corps.

  • Revenue Based Investments (RBI): Many companies don't fit the profile of traditional venture capital but still require investment. This alternative fills the gap between traditional debt and high-growth equity and is highly aligned with the growth and seasonalities of each business. An example might be $30k in an RBI note, deferred repayment until the company increases revenue by 50%, at which point the company repays the RBI at 5% per month until it hits a 2.5X repayment cap. Great for LLCs or C-Corps.

  • Fee Based: Don't want to give up equity or don't need investment at this time? A great option for founders looking for a "mini-MBA" type experience to help them build their companies. Each bootcamp will have a fee between $1k and $1,500.00 for two people. Housing is included.

Growth Bootcamp Offering

Growth Bootcamp: Set yourself and your business up for success in 2020 (December 9-13, 2019)

  • Retrospective on 2019: Learnings and implications

  • Setting and achieving goals: Quarterly and annual OKRs

  • Strategy Audit: Understanding and addressing strengths/weaknesses

  • Leadership: Being a great Co-Founder

  • Building and running a team

  • Coaching: 1:1s with program staff

  • Sales: Funnels, tracking, and reporting

  • Dashboard/Metrics

  • Building and Managing a Board

Coming later in 2020:

  • Funding Bootcamp in July 2020

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WHo we work with

After seven years, we've learned that our mentor network and local expertise can provide an incredible amount of value to companies that fit the descriptions below: 

Team*: At least two full-time team members are required to be present for each bootcamp. One of the two must be a founder.  

Stage*: We are stage agnostic, however, more traction is always better!

Industry: For our plastic alternative bootcamp, we’re interested in working with any company diverting plastic from our waste streams, regardless of industry. For our other bootcamps, we work with companies from Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to Outdoor product companies to Natural Foods and everything in between.

Demographics: We've accepted teams from around the world including Pakistan, Estonia, Poland, Canada, across the US, and of course in our own back yard. We have a strong focus on having a diverse cohort as well as diverse teams in all regards (age, gender, ethnicity, etc.). Companies located or looking to relocate to Western Colorado also get extra brownie points. 


We've assembled a world class group of mentors. One of the greatest assets of Telluride is the amazing volume and diversity of incredibly accomplished people who call this place home or spend as much time here as possible. We run a two step process to match you with the mentors that are best for you: first we ensure you meet with the mentors who have the most experience relevant to your needs and second: we establish clear expectations around three possible commitment levels to ensure both parties have a successful relationship. Our goal is to help create relationships that go beyond just this venture and help unlock the amazing power of the global network through this group. 


Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 11.30.42 AM.png


Ask locals around Telluride why they moved here and it's almost unanimously "the community." This is truly a special place full of amazing people. Our remoteness can be challenging but it has created one of the most authentic mountain town communities you'll ever find. Throughout the program, we help integrate you with the local business owners and community leaders. There may not be a better place to have this quality of life AND have ambitious, meaningful, and stimulating work. 


One of the greatest values of any accelerator program is the peer group. Being around other passionate and dedicated founders tackling many of the same issues is not only helpful on the hard days, but it can truly accelerate your growth as an entrepreneur. We can almost guarantee that you will forge life long friendships.  


This isn't school. You are here to build a company. Each session is either workshop style or 1:1. There will never be a presentation in a one-to-many format that lasts more than 30 minutes! Also, we know that you still have a business to run. Each bootcamp is intense, but we'll make sure you have some planned time to get other work done too.

Demo Day

We are tentatively planning a Demo Day for July. Please check back for more details!


TVA hosts an annual Demo Day, and each company will have the opportunity to present.

TVA hosts an annual Demo Day, and each company will have the opportunity to present.