Applications Now Open!

For the last five years, we here at the Telluride Venture Accelerator (TVA) have been leading a different type of conversation around what is possible in a mountain town. Being the first accelerator in a mountain town of only 3,500 people situated in a remote part of the country, we have a different type of experience to offer founders considering an accelerator. 

Having built startups in big cities we know how much time one can waste going to events, trying to find quality mentors, and the endless fundraising journey. With confidence, we can say that the signal far outweighs the noise here in Southwest Colorado, which is why we moved here ourselves. Since the program is led by entrepreneurs who have worked with hundreds of companies around the world, we know how to help you find the resources you need to give you the best shot at success.

Our world class network of over 100 mentors is comprised of successful entrepreneurs and investors who have built some of the world's biggest companies as well as entrepreneurs who are actively in the startup trenches. The value of having both in our network ensures you can get unprecedented insight and access to some amazing networks, but it also ensures you get hands-on, practical advice.

In true startup fashion, we continue to iterate and tweak our model to best fit our founders. This year, we have a few updates to our program that we are excited to announce.

  1. Hybrid Model: We know that one size doesn't fit all which is why we have moved to a hybrid on-site/remote model. Working alongside dozens of other accelerator programs around the world, we know that uprooting your life for four months doesn't always make sense, especially for founders that might have families and/or have established businesses several team members. With six weeks on-site in Telluride and 11 weeks remote, we combine the best elements of the most effective accelerator programs to give maximum flexibility to the stage and diversity of founders we can work with.

  2. Flexible Funding: The traditional convertible note structure doesn't work for some companies. In 2018 we will be offering two deal terms to our companies. A very founder friendly, convertible note with no maturity dates, no arduous reporting requirements, no board seats, etc. The second we are borrowing from our friends at It is structured to support more mid-growth potential companies so if you realize moderate success but don't become a unicorn, you can actually buy out investors like us with capped limits.

If TVA sounds like a right fit, you can apply here. If you wish to learn more about the program you can pop over to our About page or learn more on our Program page here. To schedule a call to chat with Ashley Nager our Program Manager, please click here.

Thank you,

TVA Team