There’s Never Been A Better Time to Start Up in Western Colorado

We wanted to share this Medium article that has been compiled by our friend, Jamie Finney at Kokopelli VC. Click here to read the original post. 

"Startups have flourished along Colorado’s Front Range cities for decades, though the mountain communities to the West have remained isolated from this boom. Colorado’s entrepreneurial momentum has consistently been stifled at the foothills.

Not anymore.

One year ago I endeavored to discover startup communities in the Western Slope towns I knew and loved. I was astounded at all the local initiatives I found then, and the activity has only picked up. By my own informal count, just within the last year, Western Colorado has added:

  • 2 Accelerators
  • 6 coworking spaces
  • 2 Venture Funding Partners

"Through the creative persistence that can only be found in small-towns, Colorado’s mountains are now flush with entrepreneur-friendly resources, and ripe for startup economies to power more diverse and sustainable local economies.

Click here to see what Colorado’s Western Slope Entrepreneurial Landscape looks like today. "

Thank you Jamie for compiling this useful information. There is more work to do, but we are just getting started!

TVA Team