Announcing TVA's 2017 Cohort!

We're excited to announce the eight companies that have been accepted into Telluride Venture Accelerators's 2017 program! This is the 5th year of the program, and building on the success of the past four years, we're especially excited to introduce our largest, most international, and latest stage group of companies yet.

The teams will be on-site in Telluride starting the first week of March and culminating on June 30th with a Demo Day and community showcase. Throughout the program, the teams will have access to our network of almost one hundred mentors and they will get to work directly with some well known experts in their fields to dive deep into many aspects of their business. See a high level overview of the curriculum that the teams will be experiencing here

Without further ado, please join us in welcoming the entrepreneurs joining TVA's 2017 cohort! - Thimble teaches beginners a basic understanding of building electronics through a monthly kit with carefully curated and easy to follow instructions. These kits that allow you to create, learn and explore by combining hands on hardware and sometimes a little software accompanied by video tutorials. Examples of some of our first projects include a wifi-robot, LED cube, robotic arm, alarm clock, weather station, quadcopter, etc. Every month it's a new project! Oscar and David will be joining us from New York!

SnowCookie - Smart doesn’t begin to cover it. Snowcookie is a mind-altering ski system. Snap it to your gear to get realtime feedback on your technique and eye-opening measurements of your runs. If that’s not enough - Snowcookie will tell you when your muscles need a break (before your bones will), and connect you to the skiing community. Whether you’re after a performance booster, skill sharpener or fun amplifier — Snow cookie has your covered. Martin and Marcin join us from Poland.

Frank. - Frank is a web-based programmatic media buying platform to help small and medium size enterprises launch cross-channel online advertising campaigns with lower cost and faster delivery. We combine artificial intelligence technology with simple user interface to bring complex technology to mass markets. Thanks to our platform, companies can now save money and time on doing online advertising campaigns.  It only takes 5 minutes to launch the campaign and the rest (media planning & buying, campaign real-time optimization, reporting) is done by technology. Karla, Henry, Jan, and Ivar join us from Estonia.

ShedWool - ShedWool empowers companies of all sizes to schedule their staffs online, in the cloud, for free. Managers can control labor, monitor compliance, communicate with their staff through our messaging platform, and review and approve (or deny) shift swaps, time off requests, and much more from their smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops without any of the cost previously associated with this service. Cory joins us from Chicago, IL. 

RxCBD - RxCBD creates, manufactures, and markets industrial hemp CBD-infused products for pets and their people. We sell online to all 50 states and also through retail locations and veterinarian practices. Debbie joins us from Ridgeway, CO.

Bramble Outdoors - Bramble creates essential outdoor gear that helps protect our wild places. Each of our products is rooted in an iconic American landscape, and a portion of every sale goes to protect that region. Trevor joins us from San Francisco, CA. - Our vision at is to transform the way you look at the web designing industry. We are trying to help users utilize their time better. By saving them from the tedium of manually handling and building a website, we free up their time to spend more on what they do best. We have developed an AI-powered chatbot that is truly different than other website builders (AI or human)  you’ve worked with before. RC bot efficiently combines the conversational intelligence and social etiquette of a website designer with high levels of accuracy expected from a machine. Haseeb will be joining us from Los Angeles, CA with the rest of his team from Pakistan. 

VanJet - Most everyone has heard of the #vanlife movement now, and well, VanJet takes it to the next level! We take Mercedes Metris vans and convert them into hotel rooms on wheels. These vans serve as a customers rental car and accommodations while they travel. All Vanjets are also equipped with GPS trackers and remote unlocking functionality. The mobile apps allow for adding credit cards as well as driver information like insurance and drivers license information. Anyone can buy a Vanjet and rent it out via the platform to earn extra income. Clint will be joining us from San Francisco, CA. 

We'll be welcoming the teams in March with an open community event on March 8th in town. We will also be hosting a series of workshops and speakers throughout the program that will be open to the community! Follow our Facebook page to keep track of TVA events and opportunities to get involved!