Applications Opening for TVA's 2017 Program Today!

To say I'm excited for today is an understatement. Why? Applications are opening for the 2017 class of Telluride Venture Accelerator! So, if you're a founder (or know one) that could only dream of launching a startup from an incredible place like this, it's time to learn more, ask for a phone call, or go ahead and apply now. 

Working hard, playing hard, and enjoying the quality of life in Telluride, and yes, our daily commute is by gondola!

Working hard, playing hard, and enjoying the quality of life in Telluride, and yes, our daily commute is by gondola!

An accelerator in a tiny mountain town you ask? Well, you're not dreaming. I've travelled literally all over the world visiting startup communities and Telluride is truly a special and unique place. There is a collection of some of the most accomplished business leaders on the planet (not exaggerating). There is a genuine community of other entrepreneurs and people supporting them not just for the sake of starting companies, but because it is part of the future of this town and region. Of course, I can't forget to mention that this might be one of the most beautiful mountain towns in the world (which means something coming from someone who grew up in a mountain town and is a Swiss citizen). Too good to be true? Ashley and I pinch ourselves every day. Once you visit, it is pretty clear why we picked up and moved from Seattle though. 

Yeah, ok, a mountain town.... but what sort of companies can you build there? To be honest, some really incredible ones. From Felt to Mountain Drones to the Dyrt to Western Rise to Voltaire, we have real companies chasing big opportunities. We work with founders of all ambitions, verticals, and backgrounds because our mentor and investor networks are so diverse. Billion dollar companies probably wont be based here if they do get started, but we've got a handful of MM companies serving national and global markets from this tiny box canyon. Heck, Nichola Tesla chose Telluride chose this place for his first application of the AC coil to transmit power over a longer distance in 1890. 

The story of Telluride's past is certainly that of innovation - from mining, to Telsa, to the ski resort - and there is no reason it can't continue to also be the story of its future. With that, I strongly encourage anyone who has ever dreamed of living in the mountains and working from a place like this to reach out! Even if it's just for 4 months, I promise you and your business won't regret it. 

If you're even remotely interested, we'd love to schedule a call with you and answer any questions after you check out the website, and don't worry, we'll be honest if we don't think we can help give you and your company some sort of advantage.