Your Next Vacation Destination Might Be The Best Place To Start A Company

Here’s a snippet from an article by Matt Hunckler, who covers emerging and growing businesses for ForbesYour Next Vacation Destination Might Be The Best Place To Start A Company:

I sipped espresso with a fellow entrepreneur yesterday morning as we waded into the ocean to watch the sun rise over the Florida Keys. You’d think this was more of a vacation experience, but this founder has decided to call Key West his home.

I can’t blame him. The beaches are beautiful and the weather is consistently gorgeous. But this entrepreneur isn’t the only one who is growing his company from a traditionally tourist-centric city.

Further West, Thea Chase is challenging the status quo in Telluride, Colorado. This town is well known as a ski destination but has some interesting activity accumulating amidst the mountaintops.

“People love to come to Telluride,” Chase says. Admittedly, Chase is an ambassador for the community, serving as the Director of Telluride Venture Accelerator (TVA), an investment and mentorship program for startup entrepreneurs.

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