Not your traditional Accelerator Program

TVA is a bootcamp driven accelerator program for established startup ventures.

Having spent most of our careers in the startup world, we're excited to be doing things differently here in beautiful Western Colorado. TVA is taking some of the most proven aspects of accelerator programs (cohorts, mentors, capital, and curriculum) and packaging them in a new and bold way to support the entrepreneurs behind growing companies. 

Not Just Tech

Every business this day in age is tech-enabled. We have found a great niche working with product companies. We work across industries and have the greatest ability to help businesses that already have established revenue streams and 3-10 full-time team members. 

Bootcamp Model

We have packaged up the highest value content, mentors and curriculum into several, distinct 5-10 day bootcamps throughout the year because uprooting your life for three months at a time is not practical for many founders. We work with each company to attend only the content they will get the most value from, and once accepted, alumni have access to any future bootcamps. We want to partner with companies for their entire journey, not just a few months. 

Flexible Capital

We offer two different investment models: Equity for those with high-growth ambitions, and Revenue Based Investments for those that don't want to give up equity or those who are building companies with awesome, but more modest growth potential. 

We also offer a fee model for those that don't need or want to take investment but want the experience and value of an accelerator.


Our world class network of over 100 mentors is comprised of successful entrepreneurs and investors who have literally built some of the world's biggest companies as well as well as entrepreneurs who are actively in the startup trenches. 

TVA is optimized to help startup ventures ready for growth. Startups applying must have at least two full-time team members and established initial traction in the form of revenue or customers. If you're interested, we're happy to hop on a phone call. Just let us know! 

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Thank you to our Partners