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The Telluride community has a depth of world-class entrepreneurial talent in its midsts, from full-time residents to second home owners and frequent visitors. They include founders of billion-dollar companies, board members of public companies, and experts in many industry sectors including the TVA focus areas.

Every mentor brings an invaluable perspective on starting and growing a business, plus an extensive professional network. Above all, they are committed to the TVA companies, generously giving their time and leveraging their experience for your success. For a full list of current TVA mentors, click here.

The Telluride Venture Accelerator invites entrepreneurs and subject matter experts each year to serve as entrepreneurs-in-residence. The main benefit to our participants is that they serve as mentors – providing workshops and intensive one-on-one consulting both during their focused visits on location and through ongoing sustained relationships. If you are interested in being an EIR or mentor – please contact us!

Why Mentors Mentor

  • Someone, at some point in their career, mentored them.
  • They’re looking for investment opportunity.
  • It’s fun & rewarding. They know a lot about the space / starting a company and it’s fun to help another company succeed.
  • They want to invest time in improving their entrepreneurial community/make their town/region an entrepreneurial hub.
  • The networking component. They want to meet other interesting, smart people.
  • They’re looking for their next gig.

Important Considerations When Choosing To Mentor Startups

  • Time commitment
  • Confidentiality
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Indemnification
  • Policies and procedures
  • Mentoring best practices and experiences
  • Mentor Policy

See full program here.

Opportunities for mentor engagement

  • Recruitment of companies
  • Involvement
    • In the selection process
    • One-off meetings
    • Ongoing assistance
    • Advisory Boards
  • How does TVA maintain mentor interest
    • Understanding mentor interests and time availability
    • Providing orientation and opportunities to engage with other mentors in
      • Bootcamp
      • Events
      • Socials
      • Workshops, panels and mentor shortchats
    • Newsletter
    • Updates

Types of Mentors

  • Workhorses
  • Superstars
  • Legends
  • Specialists
  • Window dressing