TVA is currently in session, but we review teams year round. We have a "partner program" for companies that might be a great fit but are unable to make the timeline of the accelerator program work. Reach out if you are interested! 


Over the past 4 years, Telluride Venture Accelerator has pioneered the way for the conversation around building real companies in a mountain town. As the first accelerator of it's kind in the world, it has proven that real companies can build and thrive here. Since 2012, 18 startup companies have graduated the program and raised over $1 million dollars with the help of an incredible network of more than 90 mentors. Also, over 87 jobs have been created as a result of affiliated companies. 

Telluride also has a $3M fund for early stage startups called Telluride Venture Fund which has historically invested in ~50% of all TVA graduating companies. 

With other resort towns starting to visit and reach out from around the world, it is clear that something meaningful has been established. It is time to double down as a community and realize our full potential to extend just a program to a broader, community owned and led effort to make Telluride an amazing place for entrepreneurs and a global hub for entrepreneurial thinking. 


The Vision

 A truly diversified and sustainable economy in one of the world's most authentic mountain communities.


We are reinventing what is possible in a mountain town by establishing Telluride as a true hub of innovation through a series of community driven programs and offerings that support entrepreneurs at any stage.

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  1. Honesty: Open and direct communication is the foundation for successful relationships.

  2. Community: The best way to live a fulfilling life is to share it with great people in a place that you are deeply committed to.

  3. Adventure: We learn the most about ourselves and the world around us through challenging experiences. Embrace the unexpected, and seek out the unknown.

  4. Nature: At 93 million miles from the sun, we are more than just lucky to live where we do, and we have a responsibility to not only enjoy it but to protect it.

  5. Inclusion: True innovation is most often a result of a series of unexpected collisions from the most unassuming places, people and ideas. We seek out individuals from every background, race, gender, geography, religion, and way of life to help us create the best outcomes.

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Core Beliefs

  1. To create is to be human. We are problem solvers, dreamers, and optimistic by nature. Doing so leads to a fulfilling life.

  2. Entrepreneurship is the most powerful force advancing human welfare and building sustainable economies across the globe

  3. It is possible to solve global problems from anywhere in the world

Theory of Change

  • Grassroots entrepreneurs [combined with…]

    • stage appropriate resources & mentors [create a…]

      • thriving startup community [that produces…]

        • incredible startups solving real problems [that lead to…]

          • social and economic growth.

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Key Principles

  1. JIT Resources: We don’t believe in classroom style learning or one size fits all curriculums. Every startup needs something different at any given time, and we strive to ensure that we provide the right resources at the right time for every founder / team.

  2. Mentor Dating vs. Matching: Just like building a team, finding the right people to invest and truly change the trajectory of your company must be committed on a human level, not the result of some spreadsheet.

  3. Cohort Knowledge: Even the most difficult problems are made easier by leveraging the power of the people in the room. The combined knowledge can help solve almost any challenge a startup has.

  4. Work life integration: work shouldn’t be a four letter word. It should be something that aligns with your passions and personal interests. Powder days are food for the soul.

  5. Connecting through adventure: the strongest relationships are created through shared experiences.

  6. People are more important than ideas: Focusing on building amazing teams will ensure that the best ideas are being pursued successfully. Every individual is on an entrepreneur journey of their own.

  7. Hustle: There is no substitute for hard work and no better way to afford the lifestyle that one of the most beautiful places on the planet can provide.

  8. Entrepreneurial Communities - must be led by entrepreneurs

In 1890, Telluride was the first town in the world to light it's streetlights with the first long distance application of Nichola Tesla's AC coil at Ames hydroelectric power plant nearby. 

In 1890, Telluride was the first town in the world to light it's streetlights with the first long distance application of Nichola Tesla's AC coil at Ames hydroelectric power plant nearby.